Hidden Cost of Owning A House in Houston TX

Maintenance Cost

Owning a house has cost that many don’t see until the need for maintenance or repairs comes. Remember the roof won’t last forever. I your house is 15 to twenty years old unless the roof has been properly maintained you will be looking for a Houston metal roofing contractor in the months ahead. A strong wind or hail storm and it could be tomorrow.

The Unexpected Expenses

An acquaintance of ours, a specialist in kitchen planning and construction, recently completed a kitchen for a wealthy family. Tearing out the old kitchen revealed a serious mold growth inside the wall behind the sink. It appears there was a undiscovered small water leak that supplied the moisture necessary for the environment that allowed mold to flourish. Once the leak was pinpointed and corrected construction had to stop for several days until the mold remediation and drying process was completed. Many times when you start taking things apart you have some unexpected discoveries. The price tag on the job was a little over $50,000 not including the cost to have a water damage restoration contractor service. Redoing a kitchen is by far the most popular major improvement project. This makes sense, for the kitchen is the focal point of most at-home activities. An attractive, efficiently planned, and well-equipped kitchen is a decided plus for any house. It makes a sound investment in convenience for everyone living in the house as well as adding value.

Kitchen Remodeling Cost Can Quickly Expand

However, in this particular area it is very easy to let your enthusiasm run away with your pocketbook so that you spend far more money than can be justified or that you can ever hope to get back when you sell. For this reason, it is important to approach kitchen improvements with caution. In the average house the kitchen is the most expensive room to build, and it’s also the most expensive one to remodel or change because remodeling usually involves changes in plumbing and wiring and the purchase of high- cost items such as cabinets, counters, and major appliances. The cost of redoing the average-size kitchen with new cabinets, counters, sink, major appliances, flooring, and decorating can easily run over $25,000, and you may still have to do some of the work yourself to bring the job in at this price. If you want the kind of kitchen pictured in many home magazines and advertisements, the price tag can just keep zooming.




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